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Solved: WAN miniport in Windows 7 - Dell Community After 3 days of almost non-stop searching I finally found a solution to a problem it seems alot of people have with no answers. Got a virus that corrupted the driver for WAN Miniport IKv2. Could not use my VPN connection to work after that. Everytime I would try to update the driver I would get a BIG trouble - Change from PPPoE to DHCP - Linksys Community If i change the setting from PPPoE to Automatic Configuration - DHCP inside the basic setup of the router and save it, then i have no internet connection. What else needs to be changed? I have set up Windows 7 to automatic get an IP address and DNS address. Problem with inspiron 1545 (PPPoE) - Dell Community

Connect using pppoe connection that is setup using the connection wizard in Windows 7 using a username and password. I tried the same using the E3000. Didnt work. Got the "Could not get IP from pppoe server" message. Hit Google and tried a lotta things (power cycle the …

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Jun 23, 2010 Establishing a PPP connection under Windows 7 Establishing a PPP connection under Windows 7 To establish a PPP connection between a Trimble receiver (the server) and a computer (the client) that is running the Windows7 operating system, you need to install the direct cable connection as a modem device using the modem setup procedure: 1. How to configure a PPPoE connection on windows - YouTube