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Mar 19, 2017 Understanding iOS Location Services and what they do Jan 21, 2016 How to Solve Location Services Not Working Issue in iPhone Location Services in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch allows various apps such as Maps, Camera, Reminders, various GPS navigation apps and other location-dependent apps to determine your location. If the Location Service is not working, location-dependent apps will not work properly, and may give a message saying “Your location could not be

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Wi-Fi: The location of nearby Wi-Fi networks helps Maps know where you are. Cell tower: Your connection to a cellular network can be accurate up to a few thousand meters. Turn on location services. To help Google Maps find your location with the most accurate blue dot, follow the steps below. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.

Location services work in conjunction with Wi-Fi locations and Bluetooth, in order to accurately determine the location of an iPad user. This implies that the Wi-Fi setting ought to be on for the accuracy of the location determination.

How to Turn On Location Services on an iPhone or iPad: 11 Enabling Location Services: Open your iPhone’s "Settings" app. This is the app with the gray cogs … Optimize your iPad's location services settings - iPad Aug 16, 2018 How to Configure Mail Settings for iPhone and iPad Jan 19, 2019 How to Find Your Location History on iPhone or iPad