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Swiss banks are some of the h2est and safest in the world. The Swiss also take bank privacy and secrecy very seriously. Naturally, to keep a reputable image, the Swiss will not accept bank accounts to launder the proceeds of criminal activity. Therefore the Swiss have a test to determine if Bank activity shall be revealed to an outside government.

Swiss bank secrecy began with the Banking Act of 1934. This act made disclosing account holder information to third parties a crime. As a result, substantial capital found its way into the coffers banks in Switzerland. The landscape is a bit different today. Nonetheless, the Swiss boast some of the strongest, most robust banks on the planet. Swiss National Bank - Wikipedia The Swiss National Bank pursues a monetary policy serving the interests of the country as a whole. It must ensure price stability, while taking due account of economic developments. Monetary policy affects production and prices with a considerable time lag.

Choosing a bank and an account. The Swiss bank you choose to deal with depends on what types of investments you want to make and the type of account you want have. One thing to keep in mind is unless you don't care about the privacy aspect of a Swiss bank account, you shouldn't choose a bank that has a branch in your country.

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